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SAR Testing 

cSAR3D for Fast SAR Measurements




BNNSPEAG is registered as a CAB with TEC and undertakes testing of Mobile phones as per Essential Requirements promulgated by TEC





Conformity Assesment Body (CAB)

On 28 Feb 2017, BNNSpeag has been accorded Conformity Assesment Body (CAB) status by Telecom Engineering Centre (TEC) on behalf of DoT and Government of India.

The laboratory is now authorised to perform testing and certification of telecom products with regards to SAR measurements/testing.

List of CABs at TEC Website

CAB Certificate

Detailed Laboratory Scope and Accreditation Certificate

Services Offered as TEC CAB

The laboratory is registered as a CAB with TEC for following:-

(a) TEC Essential Requirement Description : Mobile Handset

(TEC4772418, Annexures)

Parameter Name Standard Name

SAR Value for Mobile Handset 

IEC 62209-1:2005, TEC/GR/SAR/001/01.MAR.09. Annex-M
SAR Display for Mobile Handset Annex-M
Mobile device- Non Zero IMEI/MEID/ESN


Mobile Device Indian Language Support IS 16333 (Part 3). Annex-M
Mobile Emergency Support Call on 112 DoT order, 3GPP2 C.S0023, TS 22.101, TS 24.008. Annex-M
Mobile Emergency Support - GPS Location

G.S.R. No. 1441 (E) dated 23-11-2017.

Mobile Emergency Support - Panic Button IEC 62209-1:2005, TEC/GR/SAR/001/01.MAR.09. Annex-M



SAR Value for Mobile Handset