Calibration of EMF Strength Measuring Equipment (Lab designated as CAB by DoT/TEC)


Calibrating Electromagnetic Hazard Meters





Calibration of Radio Electric and Electromagnetic Field Hazard meters and warning indicators including NARDA meters (SRM 3006, NBM 550), Field probes from ETS, ARWORLD etc used in EMI/EMC laboratories etc carried out using following standards:-


(b) IEEE 1309:2013

(c) IEC 61000-4-3

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The calibration is carried out using transfer standard method, in which a reference probe, identical to the one being calibrated and having a traceability to a national standard laboratory is used. The reference probe is used to measure and calibrate the field which is set up for calibrating the field sensor or probe under calibration.

The Base unit along with Cable and Antenna is calibrated as an integrated unit. In addition, the Base unit (Spectrum Analyser and cable) is calibrated individually as well.

On 30 Oct 2019, the laboratory has been designated as Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) status by Telecom Engineering Centre (TEC) on behalf of DoT and Government of India. CAB Certificate

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The laboratory is also 17025/NABL accredited for frequency range 100KHz-6GHz (extendible upto 18GHz in Non-accredited mode). NABL/17025 Accreditation Certificate

Types of Kits Calibrated

The laboratory is fully equipped to calibrate all types of EMF Hazard meters namely NARDA (e.g SRM 3006, NBM etc), Anritsu and R&S.


Measurement standards are traceable to ISO/IEC 17025.


Calibration certificate from BNNSPEAG is fully acceptable to all Government agencies including TERMCELL/DoT.