SAR Testing for Products upto 110GHz (Including 5G)

cDASY6 System

 SAR testing / Measurement


cSAR3D System

SAR Testing / Measurement





BNNSPEAG undertakes SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) Testing of Handheld and Body Worn Devices as a third-party lab.





BNNSPEAG undertakes fast and accurate SAR measurements using cSAR3D Vector array system.




BNNSPEAG is the first lab in India to be fully equipped to carry out Head and body SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) testing and measurements for mobile phones, PDA's, laptops and all other RF devices used in close proximity to human body.

The lab installed with the latest cDASY6 SAR measurement system from SPEAG for compliance testing in accordance with all international (EU / US - FCC) standards.

Additionally the cSAR3D vector array fast SAR system complements the cDASY6 for quick compliance, as well as pre-compliance testing.BNNSPEAG is SAR testing is performed on the state-of-the-art cDASY6 System from SPEAG.

The laboratory also undertakes 5G compliance testing using WUmmWV2 probe from Speag (0.75-110GHz) as per IEEE 63195(draft)

Tests are undertaken in accordance with the following standards:

  • IEC 62209-1 :(2005 & 2016)
  • TEC ER TEC/ER/MT/MUE001/01/APRIL 2018 / Clause 2.1.1: 2018 (now re-numbered as TEC4772418)
  • IEC 62209-2:2010
  • IEEE 1528 : 2013
  • EN 50566: 2017, EN 62479: 2010, EN 50663: 2017, EN 50360: 2017
  • IEEE 63195 (draft) : 5G testing (Application Note)

Detailed Scope and Accreditation Certificate