SAR Testing of Mobile Devices

BNNSpeag undertakes Head and body SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) testing and measurements for mobile phones, PDA's, laptops and all other RF devices used in close proximity to human body.

The lab is equipped with the latest cDASY8 SAR measurement system from SPEAG for compliance testing in accordance with all international (EU / US - FCC) standards.













Calibration of Horn Antenna in progress at the Open Area Test Site in Village Mehmoodpur, Loni, Ghaziabad.











Calibration of NARDA Electric Field Meters

BNNSPEAG undertakes calibration of EMC Probes (AR, ETS etc), EMF radiation hazard meters (NARDA /R&S/ Anritsu/ Keysight) for parameter electric field (V/m).

BNNSPEAG laboratory follows a management system which is compliant with the ISO/IEC 17025 standard. BNNSPEAG is accredited with National Accreditation Board in India for Testing & Calibration Laboratories, India (NABL) for calibration of EMC Probes, Radio Electric/ Electromagnetic Field Hazard Meters, Warning meters and Warning indicators.

These meters can be of any make i.e. AR, ETS, NARDA, Keysight Or R&S.

The picture shows calibration of NARDA SRM 3006 meters in progress.







RF Conformance Testing

BNNSPEAG undertakes RF Measurements for GSM, (E) GPRS, WCDMA, HSPA, LTE (FDD / TDD) in accordance with the 3GPP Technical Specifications. 

The Lab is equipped with the CMW500 Base Station Simulator
to carry out RF measurements in accordance with the 3GPP technical specifications.

The Picture shows RF Conformance measurements being carried out for a customer.











Electro Magnetic Field Measurements

BNNSPEAG undertakes precise measurement of electric / magnetic fields emanating from electronic / electrical equipment.

The lab is equipped with the DASY52 NEO robot scanning system for precise positioning and measurement of EM fields from devices in accordance with the BS/EN 62311:2008 standard.

The Picture shows Electric field measurements amanating from a Mobile device.











RF Calibration

BNNSPEAG undertakes calibration of spectrum analyzers, multiband scanners / receivers, test mobiles phones for frequency (Hz), attenuation (dB) and power level (dBm).

The picture shows calibration of Spectrum Analyser being undertaken at the laboratory.
















SAR Testing of a Smart Watch

The picture shows SAR testing of a smart watch in progress at the laboratory